Massena Livestock Sales
Regular Sales are every Wednesday at 12:30.
Special Cattle Sales (in season) are Tuesdays at 12:00.  
Sale Barn  712-779-3636
Allen Venteicher  712-779-0168
Mark Venteicher  712-779-0169
Allen and Mark Venteicher own Massena Livestock Sales.  The father/son team are available to look at your livestock when you need them.  They will help you make the decision that is best for you.  
Allen has been in the livestock business for over 40 years and Mark has been auctioneering at the sale barn for nearly 20 years.  
Mark is a full service auctioneer, available to organize your auction when the time is needed.  
Massena Livestock Sales has a great reputation in the cattle industry.
Give us a call.
7944 Fake Ave, Door 56 Wonderland, NYC 12347
+92452 241 +92452 458